Apparently HTC U12 Life is coming with a notch design

Google has acquired the HTC’s mobile division, but this doesn’t mean HTC won’t launch any more phones under its name. The HTC U12+ leaked a couple of weeks back, and the image revealed that U12+ is not coming with any notch design. This may have made a lot of HTC fans think that the company is not going to follow the notch trend. But today, Evan Blass revealed something that a lot of HTC fans won’t like. The company is indeed launching a phone with notch design this year, but that’s going to be the mid-ranger HTC U12 Life.

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There are no details of the specifications or the launch date yet but to stay in the competition, HTC should launch the U12 Life with at least Snapdragon 660 and Android One support. Last year, the company launched U11 Life with Android One support (for some markets) and Snapdragon 630, but the phone failed to impress due to the poor use of space on the front, not so good battery, no headphone jack and more. The HTC U12+ is coming with a dual camera setup and 18:9 display and so, the HTC U12 Life might also feature dual cameras or at least 18:9 screen.

HTC u12 Life
HTC U11 Life was a mid-ranger launched in 2017

What are your expectations with the HTC U12 Life? Do let us know via the comments section.


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