These HTC phones are getting the official Android Pie Update

Android Pie is already official, and we are now getting details of which phones will get the sweet slices of it. It is already known that the Google Pixel phones are getting the Android Pie Update but what about other companies? Well, we won’t talk about Samsung yet as the company just announced the Oreo rollout for most of its phones. So, expect the Android Pie update to arrive to Samsung devices next year. Companies like Sony, HTC and Nokia will be the first to roll out the update for their phones and HTC has now officially revealed the phones that will get the update.


List of HTC Phones getting Android Pie Update
List of HTC Phones getting Android Pie Update

Well, the phones that are getting the update to Android Pie include the last year’s U series phones and this year’s U12+. Except that, there is no other phone from HTC which is getting the update (at least for now). So, the phones that are getting the update are –

  • HTC U12+
  • HTC U11+
  • HTC U11
  • HTC U11 Life (Android One)

The company revealed this on Twitter and looks like the comments section is full of disappointed users. It seems like the HTC U Ultra is not getting the Android Pie update, which is bad news for those who were waiting for it. IT is worth mentioning that the U Ultra launched last year and it was expected that it would get major Android updates for next two years. HTC 10 is also a phone that can handle the Android Pie update but still, there is less to no chance of the update hitting the device.

Do you have any of the phones listed above? Then it’s time to rejoice as Android Pie Update is coming soon for your phone.