As the Honor V10 gets it, the Honor 7X Face Unlock feature is arriving soon

Face Unlock. This is a feature that we are going to see on almost every upcoming smartphone. We saw the OnePlus 5T with an incredibly fast Face Unlock feature that is way faster than the one on iPhone X. Yes, we know that the one on 5T is meant more for convenience than for the security, but still, there are some cases where this feature can come handy as compared to the traditional fingerprint scanner. Following this trend, the Honor V10 will be getting the OTA update that adds the face unlock feature in the device. The rollout has begun, and everyone is going to get the update by January 24. Today, the company announced that the Honor 7X Face Unlock feature is arriving soon which is good news for the users.

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Honor 7X Face Unlock Feature

The Face Unlock feature on Honor V10 not only unlocks the phone but also lets the user check the notifications. The phone identifies if the person checking the phone is the one who registered his face or any other and depending on the situation, the notifications are expanded to the user. Also, if you are not using your phone but looking at the display, it won’t turn off the display.

Honor Malaysia announced that the update would arrive first for the users in Malaysia. The head of Honor Malaysia, George Zhao Zhiwei, said –

Our Malaysian users will be amongst the first to receive this update. This Face Unlock feature will make it more convenient for users to unlock their phones by simply pressing the power button to wake the screen, then the face recognition feature will do its magic. This is in addition to biometric unlock feature using the fingerprint. This is a great feature which further reinforces our testament to drive rich functionality while not breaking the banks of our fans and customers in our product offerings. This compliments the introduction of our very first and most affordable FullView phone, the Honor 7X.

As mentioned in the beginning, the rollout has begun, and the Honor 7X Face Unlock feature will be arriving pretty soon to everyone via OTA update.