Google Pixel 4 DxOMark-ed, fails to get into the Top 5

While Benchmark scores don’t always reflect the real-world performance of a phone, we still tend to use those to compare phones. When it comes to testing the performance, we have benchmark platforms like AnTuTu, Geekbench, etc. Nowadays, smartphone cameras have become so good that it is very hard to tell which phone takes a better photo if you compare the camera of two devices.

DxOMark is a benchmark that tests the smartphone cameras & a perception has been created, which lets us believe that the phone, which gets a higher score by DxOMark, has a better camera (Even though it’s not true in real life). Well, the Google Pixel 4 DxOMark scores are now out & there are a lot of surprises.

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DXOMark Score of the First Google Pixel

If you don’t know, when the first Google Pixel was launched, it was also the device with the highest DxOMark score. Similarly, when the Pixel 2 was tested by DxOMark, it got a record-setting overall score of 98. Then last year, things changed as the Google Pixel 3 scored lesser than the Mi Mix 3, which was a surprise for many. But, one of the reasons for this was that DxOMark takes into account things like the Zoom, bokeh, etc. So, phones with dedicated telephoto cameras scored higher.

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The overall Google Pixel 4 DxOMark score is 112, where it scores 117 in the case of Photos & 101 in the case of Videos. Compared to the overall score of Pixel 3 (102), it is definitely a big improvement. But, when you see the Top 10 phones on DxOMark at the moment, Google Pixel 4 doesn’t even make it to Top 5. Isn’t it interesting that as per DxOMark, OnePlus 7 Pro & Honor 20 Pro have a better camera than the Pixel 4?

And that’s not just the case with the rear camera. When it comes to the selfie camera performance, the Google Pixel 4 scores the same as last year’s Google Pixel 3. So, maybe this is due to the fact that there is no secondary wide-angle selfie camera on Pixel 4.

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As you can see in the scores above, Google Pixel 4 gets no score in the “Wide” section of the camera testing & that is one of the prime reasons why it is behind other phones that have a dedicated ultra-wide-angle camera on the back.

So, what are your thoughts on the Google Pixel 4 DxOMark score? You can check out the full camera review by DxOMark here.

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