Google Assistant For Android 6.0+ Phones Coming Soon

Google Assistant For Android Marshmallow & Above

With the launch of Pixel devices, Google introduced the Google Assistant, and as up to now, it has not been made available for any other phone officially. Yes, you can install it on your phone if you want and we have a separate post on How to Get Google Assistant on any phone. But, the thing is that Google hasn’t officially made this feature available to other devices. Today, a new announcement on the official Google blog reveals that in the coming week, the Google Assistant is coming for Android Marshmallow and above.


Google Assistant For Android Marshmallow phones

The Official Google Blog says –

The Assistant is already available on Pixel, Google Home, Google Allo and Android Wear. Now we’re bringing it to even more people. Starting this week, the Google Assistant is coming to smartphones running Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

If you are thinking how it will come to Android 6.0+ devices, then there is no need for any additional update. The Google Assistant will automatically come to eligible Android phones running Nougat and Marshmallow with Google Play Services. Today, the LG G6 was announced at the MWC, and it is the first non-Pixel phone to get the Google Assistant officially from Google.  Also, Google will showcase the Google Assistant for phones like HTC, Samsung, Sony, etc. at the MWC 2017.  Talking about the Google’s plans about the Google Assistant, the official blog says –

Our goal is to make the Assistant available anywhere you need it. It came to Android Wear 2.0—via new smartwatches—just a few weeks ago and, as we previewed in January, the Assistant is also coming to TVs and cars. With this update, hundreds of millions of Android users will now be able to try out the Google Assistant. What will you ask first?

So, do you have a phone running Android Marshmallow or above? Well, get ready as Google Assistant For Android Marshmallow and Nougat is coming soon. So let us know what do you think in the comments section.