Here’s how to get YouTube Red in India for free

Android is full of customizations, modding and other stuff. A few days back, we saw that a developer successfully modded the Google Camera app of Pixel 2 for non-Google devices to bring portrait mode to other phones. In this article, we are going to show you how to get YouTube Red in India and that too, without paying a penny! Thanks to a developer on XDA, there is a modded version of YouTube app that brings all the features of YouTube Red to your phone, without the need to root.

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What is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is a premium subscription service that was launched in November 2014 which brings many features like Background playback, offline music, No Ads, free Google Play Music subscription, etc. You can watch any video that is there on YouTube without any ads. Also, you can listen to the audio of the video even if the screen is off. Lastly, it offers free Google Play Music Subscription. If you already have a Google Play Music Subscription, then you have access to the YouTube RED already. But, one downside of it is that this service is available for only a few countries like United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and South Korea.

In a country like India, this service is not available. So, how to get YouTube Red in India? You might be thinking that you have to use VPN and then pay for the service. But, in this article, we are going to show you how to get it without VPN or any need to Root.

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how to Get youtube red in india
Credits – Sajid Shaik

Master_T, an XDA developer, created a modded YouTube app and used the source code of the ‘Youtube Background Playback’ Xposed module. So basically, he extracted all the features of that module and added it to the official YouTube app to create this mod. After this, there are a lot of developers on XDA that have worked for this mod to add more features to it. For Example, below are the names of some of the developers and the features they added in this mod  –

  • @ZaneZam – (ad)vanced version, current magisk module
  • @laura almeida – rootless edition
  • @Razerman – new features and mods implementation
  • @Anova’s Origin – original magisk module
  • @arter97 – original adblock solution

To get YouTube Red in India for free, follow the following steps –

  • Click the button below and download the two files that are there on the Google Drive. (You will need to wait for 5 sec to skip the Ad)


  • Once downloaded, just install these two files on your Android smartphone. 
  • You will now see two icons for the YouTube app. Just open the second one which is the one you just installed. 
  • Now, go to the ‘Profile’ option and then Sign in with your Google account that you use for YouTube. 
  • After you are signed in, you can now watch any video without ads. Also, you have features like Background Playback which lets you listen to the audio without video. 

OnePlus 11R

If you go to the ‘Settings’ of the app, you will find ‘iYTBP Settings’ which have some features like codec settings, video quality, etc.

You might be thinking that it works only for latest Android versions. But no! This works for Android version 4.1 and above. Just keep in mind that you won’t get PIP mode when you minimize the app while watching a video. But, you will get the Background Playback feature which is great, right?

So, this was all about this tutorial on how to get YouTube Red in India for Free. Make sure to subscribe to ‘Sajid Shaik,’ the guy who made the fantastic video tutorial that we have shared above. Stay Addicted to Android!


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