Video Shows Galaxy S8 Face Recognition Can Be Bypassed With a Photo

Samsung is claiming that they have done a lot of security-related changes in the Galaxy S8. And, you might think that this is somewhat true as the phone has not only a fingerprint scanner but also Iris Scanner as well as the Face Recognition technology. But, a new video by the YouTuber iDeviceHelp shows that you can bypass the Facial Recognition of the Galaxy S8 using just the photograph of that particular person with whose identity the phone will unlock.

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As per a report on Korea Herald –

The phones can be unlocked by the face of a sleeping person, or even just by a photo,” an industry watcher said. “For now, the facial recognition technology is only intended for fun. It should not be considered as a foolproof security measure.

Well, we can say that among all the different ways provided by Samsung to unlock the Galaxy S8, Iris Scanning seems to be the securest of them all, followed by the fingerprint scanner. Even Samsung itself has admitted that the face scanning technology cannot be use for Samsung Pay as it is less rigorous than the fingerprints. What are your views? Do let us know via the comments section.