Sun’s Out, Puzzles Out: Fun Things To Do This Summer While Social Distancing

With all the non-essential stores and workplaces asked to close, many of us are spending time at home cloistered with our families or maybe alone. It all indicates that social distancing during summer is also being practiced to protect ourselves and others from the dangers of the coronavirus disease. 

But now that the Sun’s out, and you’re still staying indoors, how to overcome monotony and keep yourself entertained. Get puzzling!

Bring your puzzle books or board games out and take a plunge into the world of gaming. No worries if you don’t a physical board; download gaming apps on your phone and get going. Puzzles are a great way to keep your mind off the daily stress and boredom. So try playing Jigsaw Puzzles, Sudoku, crosswords, block games, or word games when you feel a bit off. These are fun and not at all overwhelming. In times this tough, you’d certainly need something that maintains your sanity. So it is puzzling that’ll help you spend your lazy Sunday afternoons meaningfully or buzz off those Monday mornings or mid-week blues.

But if not puzzles, what else can you do? Try these fun things:

  • Master a new skill.
  • Rearrange your space.
  • Play a sport like football or Frisbee toss in your backyard.
  • Plan a video date over Zoom or FaceTime. 
  • Besides puzzles, level up your cooking game as well.
  • Try home workouts to keep yourself fit and positive. 
  • Read books, listen to a podcast, and meditate.
  • Try your hands at gardening. Order the supplies online or check out YouTube videos to see how you can make use of the stuff at home.
  • The best cure for cabin fever is to leave the cabin and go for a drive or wander in the neighboring streets but avoid peak times.  
  • Host a video game night digitally over Stream, or on your phone. In fact, you can also hold a puzzles night amongst your friends and stay connected over a video call. 

Do whatever you feel will help you stay active and interested but leave your home as little as possible. When you do, you know the drill – maintain a safe distance and practice cleanliness.

With theaters, malls, recreational activities, and cultural attractions temporarily being shuttered, the ideas mentioned above will keep boredom at bay. Puzzles, of course, are our favorite pastimes. Let us know what keeps you sane. We’d love to hear from you!