Fortnite on Android – Check out the 5-minute Gameplay video

After the huge success of PUBG Mobile, another popular battle royale game is making its way to Android. From past few weeks, we are getting news related to Fortnite on Android. It is now confirmed that the game is launching with the Galaxy Note 9 today and will be available exclusively for the Galaxy Note 9 for up to 30 days. The folks at XDA Developers were able to bypass the authentication requirements of the game and record live gameplay of Fortnite Mobile on the Galaxy S9+. This Gameplay shows that just like PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Mobile is also going to be the same as the PC version.

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Fornite Mobile is going to require a powerful GPU to run smoothly, and it is hard to say if the budget or mid-range phones will be able to run the game smoothly. The Gameplay video above shows the Fortnite Mobile being played on Galaxy S9+ on Epic (High) graphics. Since there is Vulkan API Support, both the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 will be able to run the game on highest settings.

Fortnite on Android

It seems like you won’t be able to play the game on a rooted device with an unlocked bootloader or a device with a failed SafetyNet test. But as we know, the folks at XDA Developers will surely come up with a solution for this. In fact, the rooted Essential Phone and Pixel 2 XL were somehow able to run the game without any issue. According to XDA –

So while this means devices rooted with Magisk should be able to play the game, you should prepare for a new wave of battles with the SafetyNet API

Let’s hope that the game will arrive for the lower mid-range devices as well just like the PUBG Mobile. The Galaxy Note 9 is launching today, and so is Fortnite Mobile.


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