RIP! Flamingo removed from Play Store due to Twitter’s Token Limit

Twitter app has a terrible design, and there is no doubt regarding this. But, we have all the Twitter clients that come with a ton of unique functionalities. Some of the most popular Twitter clients are Flamingo, Fenix, Talon, etc. and in case you aren’t aware, Fenix was removed from the Google Play Store in 2016 as the app surpassed Twitter’s ‘Infamous’ Token limit. After Fenix, it’s Flamingo to meet the same fate as the app is no longer available on the Google Play store for the same reason.

Flamingo App Removed from Play Store
Flamingo App Removed from Play Store

Twitter, for some reasons, doesn’t like developers to develop apps that provide its users better features than its app. Due to this, there is a token limit of 100000 or 100K. A user is a token, and so, when the token limit is reached, new users can no longer use the app. Since Flamingo has reached the Twitter’s token limit, no new user is now able to use the app, and so, the app no longer exists in the Play Store now. When a user asked Sam Ruston, the developer of Flamingo, why he was not able to find the app on Play Store, he said –

Very close to the token limit so it has been unpublished. You can still download it if you have purchased it previously by looking in the My Apps section of Google Play

Well, Twitter’s stupid Token limit has again shut down a great Twitter client, and it certainly needs to change since not all the users prefer the original Twitter app. What are your views on this? Do let us know via the comments section.