Fitbit Blaze vs. Fitbit Versa: Which Fitness Tracker to Choose?

Fitbit manufactures smart wearables that are not only compatible with smartphones. But also helps in keeping track your activities and fitness. Though there are many smartwatches by them, Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Versa top among all. Both of the watches are almost the same look, but in reality, they have a few differences.

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit Blaze was launched in March 2016 and Fitbit Versa in April 2018. As the Fitbit Blaze was launched way earlier, it surely lacks in what the Fitbit Versa has to provide. But that doesn’t mean Blaze is not worth buying.

Fitbit Versa

So let’s have a look at what each watch has to provide. We are going to compare both the watches in various categories that will give you the idea of which watch offers what. Without any delay let’s get started.



Fitbit versa

The look of both watches is almost the same, the square body, LCD touch screen and silicone straps that also changeable. What differs between them is that the screen size of Blaze is a little bigger than that of Versa, but the resolution is greater on the Versa watch. And the Blaze gets the protection of Gorilla glass at the top that is not present in Versa.


All the features including heart rate monitors & sensors, calories tracker, sleep tracker, etc. And all the other activity tracking are similar in both if the Fitbit watches. In Fitbit Blaze, you will get an additional option to control the music on your smartphones remotely and accessing notifications for calls, reminders, and text messages. But the Versa can only show the notification for text message timer and alarms and it is also waterproof for up to 50meters.

The Blaze has Fitbit OS and Versa has Fitbit OS 2 which makes the Versa more up-to-date in performance.

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Now here Fitbit Versa takes an upper hand. While the Blaze has workout modes for cycling, running, weight training, and elliptical training. Versa features a dozen of these modes like swimming, weights, interval workouts, spinning, golf, tennis, yoga, different types of cycling and the list goes on. You can even add more workout modes from the app into Fitbit Versa.


While both the watches are compatible with all the platforms like Android and iOS, the Versa gets more than that. It has Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity making it a great smartwatch and also enabling wireless payments via Fitbit Pay.

And both of the watches and the application in them can be managed from the Fitbit smartphone app.


The Blaze offers amazing five days battery backup while Versa can pack the charge for up to 4 days. It’s not a big of deal as Versa features some extra features. And these features certainly will require more power consumption than Blaze.


The Blaze is priced at $169 while the Versa is available for around $186. The prices are almost the same for both the watches, as per available on Amazon.


Fitbit Blaze (Image Via CNET)

If you are looking for a smart fitness band, the Fitbit Blaze is the perfect watch for you. But in case you want a smartwatch with a few additional features then you can go for Fitbit Versa. Both of them are almost similar with just a few minor feature differences. You can see the full specifications of both the watches (Fitbit Versa & Fitbit Blaze) at SpecsTalk.

Fitbit Versa (Image Via CNET)

The price of both the watches is almost the same, and we will recommend going for Fitbit Versa for few more bucks as it has some additional features, but the choice is yours. Which one are you picking?