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Bubbles: The Best New Android Feature for Your Smartphone



Google is set to release the Android 11 operating system this year, and it will come with many useful features. One of these features is Bubbles. The feature was originally supposed to be part of Android 10, but it was moved to the next release. The beta version of the operating system is likely to be released a few months before the actual release, assuming that Google follows its usual pattern.

Bubbles are probably the most important feature in the new version. Basically, the feature makes it easier to get apps using a small icon that stays on at the homepage of your phone. If you have ever used Facebook Messenger Chat Head, you will be able to understand how this feature works quickly. With the new Android version, you will have small circles on your device, which can be moved around at any time.

You can also expand them by tapping them, and that will allow you to manipulate them as you wish. If you are not interested in the notification, you will also have the chance to shoo it away. The feature makes it a lot easier to multitask and handle notifications on your mobile device.

As you would expect, some people don’t like the fact that notifications come in the form of small circles on the screen. Although Google has developed it to be minimally irritating, some people would still prefer to get notifications in the bar at the top of their phones. This is why they will give people the chance to turn off Bubbles in their notification settings.

The key advantage of Bubbles is that it allows you to carry on conversations without having to exit the app you are currently using. It also allows you to view the ongoing tasks and updates on your mobile phone.

Can Your Phone Support Android 11?

There are many different types of Android mobile devices, but not all of them are approved for Android 11 updates. In fact, some are still not compatible with Android 10. If you are currently looking for phone deals, you should consider getting a device that will support Android 11. This way, you will be able to enjoy features like Bubbles. Nokia, Huawei, Samsung, and LG are well known for picking up new Android versions quickly, so you can start by looking at their offers.

Your phone may be in perfect condition but is still unable to get Android 11 updates. In such cases, you can consider selling it on phone deals sites, then use the funds to purchase a new phone. Note that the amount you receive will not be very high since phones depreciate over time. The best deals maybe about half the market price of your phone.

Besides the new Android version, a new device will also give you the chance to experience faster internet. Some mobile phones already have 5G technology installed, and they can offer you an excellent browsing and streaming experience. Consider updating your broadband plan to make sure it is ideal for your new mobile device. You can use Broadband Choices to find a plan which suits you best.


Android 11 will be released soon, and it will come with features like Bubbles. This feature has been noted to be revolutionary, and it is quite similar to the Facebook Chat Heads feature. With it, your notifications will be shown as small circles on your screen. You can choose to expand the bubble or shoo it away. If you find the feature intrusive, you can disable it in your notification settings. Go through online mobile device deals to see if you can get a device that can work with the feature.             

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