This is the Blackberry Key2 LE (But who cares?)

With companies reducing the bezels and adding notches, Blackberry is a brand that is sticking to it traditional smartphone design, especially with the ‘Key’ series. The Blackberry Key2 was officially launched in June, and it would’ve been a great mid-range phone if the company had priced it right. At $649, this phone is a joke when we talk about the specifications. Yes, Blackberry was a premium brand in the past, but now, things have changed completely. You cannot make people buy a phone with a 2017s’ mid-range chipset and average design for a whopping $649, just because you’re Blackberry.

Still, Blackberry doesn’t seem to understand this thing as we saw the same with the Blackberry Evolve and Evolve X that launched in India with ridiculously high pricing for what they offer. Now, the company is preparing the launch of yet another device, and it is going to be a downgraded version of the Blackberry Key2. The Blackberry Key2 LE is expected to launch soon, and today, we got the real life image of the device, thanks to AndroidPolice.

Blackberry Key2 LE
Blackberry Key2 LE

Yes, there is hardly any difference between the design of Key2 LE and the Key2. The Blackberry Key2 has the same QWERTY Keyboard, same display & same rear design. So, what’s different? Well, the Key2 LE has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor, which is a downgrade from Snapdragon 660 on the Key2. The rear camera setup includes a primary 13MP camera and a secondary 5MP camera, compared to the dual 12MP cameras on the Key2. The battery also gets trimmed down to 3,000mAh from 3,500mAh on the Key2.

The Blackberry Key2 was announced with just a single variant – 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM. The Blackberry Key2 LE, on the other hand, has 4GB RAM and 32/64GB internal storage. The display remains the same, i.e., a 4.5-inch Full-HD LCD panel with a resolution of 1080 x 1620.

We don’t know when the phone is launching and at what price. But, looking at the pricing of Blackberry Key2, better expect the Key2 LE to be yet another overpriced device from the company.