Black Shark gaming smartphone appears in the wild for the very first time

Xiaomi backed ‘Black Shark’ is in the news from past couple of months because it is launching a gaming smartphone pretty soon. There is an event on April 13 where the company will unveil its smartphone. Recently, some teasers of the phone revealed details like Snapdragon 845, curvy design, etc. Today, we have the first hands-on image of the smartphone that doesn’t reveal a lot about the whole design but shows the phone from the rear. The source that posted this image has also revealed a couple of specifications of the Black Shark Gaming smartphone.

Black Shark Gaming Smartphone
Black Shark Gaming Smartphone

As you can see, there is a dual camera setup on the rear, and the phone has a rugged design. There is no sight of a fingerprint scanner on the rear, and as per the source, the phone has an OLED display. If you notice in the image above, it seems like the phone as a casing on it. It could be a gamepad sort of thing, but nothing is confirmed as of now. There are speakers with the surround sound technology for a more immersive experience while playing games.

The launch is happening on April 13, and we might get more details in coming days. So, stay tuned.


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