Top 7 Writing Apps for Android Smartphones

Smartphones are a crucial part of our lives. Every modern person uses it in so many ways that it is hard to count. It helps with working, studying, tracking finance, communication, playing, and all other life requests. Applications are part of this system and a necessary instrument for every company that attracts new customers or followers. It is common to develop apps for Android and iOS simultaneously, but in many cases, they look different. It happens due to two reasons. The first reason is that different developers work on the same application, so the result can’t be an exact copy.

The second reason is that the owners of Android and iOS are different. They have different age structures, payment options, and locations of users. Anyway, Android is more popular all over the world. That’s why we want to discuss apps for the owners of these smartphones. Writing apps are important for professional writers, bloggers, journalists, students, and teachers. So let’s find out the top 7 of them that make life easier. 


Writing Apps for Android

A common misunderstanding is that students spending too much time with smartphones are more distracted, perform worse, and have attention problems. Some studies confirm the correlation between these adverse effects and dependence on smartphones, but those studies are related to addictive behavior, not to normal usage of gadgets. Using your smartphone to make your writing more quality with these apps will benefit greatly. 


This great application was created to help with grammar and fix mistakes. It works for free or can be paid for extra functions. After checking your text, it shows a general score for writing, so you can understand the quality and try to improve it. It can be installed inside google docs to make preliminary checking online. 


The best application for sharing documents is widespread in the world. Private writing, group access only for reading or for correction are available. Everybody who has a Google account is able to use it, so it doesn’t require any extra installation or registration of the person whom you are going to work with. It is free for small sizes of documents and can be paid for if you need more gigabytes of memory.   

Google Docs
Google Docs
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


This application is more about planning and following group or private dynamics. It looks simple and easy, and it works the same. Lists of tables and responsible users with attachments and checklists display the teamwork and daily results. It is useful for notes and long tasks also. Google account is a way to log in to this app. Free and paid versions are available. 

Trello: Manage Team Projects
Trello: Manage Team Projects


This application was made for focusing and stopping interruption for social media or games. The idea is that you must plant a tree in the app. But if you can’t control yourself and open the phone, the tree will die. Responsibility will help you to focus on important things and release a lot of time. You will be surprised how many things you can do in real life if you stop using your phone 24/7.

Forest: Focus for Productivity
Forest: Focus for Productivity


Generally speaking, Pomodoro is a timer. It reminds you to take breaks. At the same time, it requires separating tasks into smaller ones and performing them step by step. The rule is that you must work 25 minutes and then take a 5-10 minutes break, obviously. After 4 pomodoros, you must take a long 15-20 minutes break. The risk of interruption goes down because you know that in 25 minutes, you can switch between the tasks. It is very useful for those who do a monotone job or get tired quickly from similar tasks.


Evernote is an app for notes. It has a great interface and is suitable for those who need to catch the idea and write it down immediately. You can add pictures, PDF files, and others. It is comfortable for sharing documents and marking the most important of them.


It is a very popular 2020 journaling app that captures moments of your life. You can add photos, notifications, locations, and other features to your writing life calendar. Sure, you can share it with your friends or even convert it to a PDF file. It makes a full composition when only text is not enough.

If you realize that even with the help of these apps, you still won’t be able to submit your academic writing piece on time, we offer you another solution. Address a reliable academic writing service, such as SmartWritingService, and delegate your essay writing assignment to their experts. At an affordable price, you will receive quality and professional writing help and submit your paper before the required deadline. Delegating some of your tasks will give you more time to focus on writing assignments you are actually interested in. 

How to Boost Your Writing Efficiency with Apps and Online Services

Those who think that smartphones are gadgets for fun, games, and communication are very far behind the tendencies. This small thing in your hands is about all kinds of work and self-control. Every day a lot of IT developing companies represent new possibilities, improving well-known apps and showing new apps. To be on top and satisfy users’ requests is a hard job for programmers, but for users, the market of apps is a perfect place that we can use for private needs, mostly for free. At the same time, the quantity of apps rises so quickly that it is harder and harder to follow it. So sharing is a good idea if you want to make your friends’ life easier thanks to a new writing app that you found.

Always remember about your ultimate goal — getting things done, submitting quality assignments on time, and focus on it no matter what. Use all the ways and means to achieve it.