TOP 5 Best Video Converters for Android in 2020


Video converters are like the underdogs of the internet. They allow us to convert our favourite videos on the internet to a format that can support our devices. Why are they necessary? Won’t we get those videos on the internet and can we download them easily? They are essential in some instances.

For example, sometimes, a custom-made video might be in a video format not supported by the phone you are using. At this interval, if you try and search up a video on YouTube or any other platform, you will not get the video that you precisely desired to get. 

Are these apps a malware, or are they bloatware? The simple answer is no. The ones discussed in this article are time-tested and guaranteed by the Play Store for downloading. Even though some of these discussed in this article might be a bit old, they still support higher frame rates. Some even provide full high definition video resolution. 

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How can they be useful to me? Just consider the usual situation. The majority of us do not pay for premium music apps. We believe that it is just a social statement. So, while on the road to a distant place, we all would like to blare some music in our cars, but we do not have this premium software to listen to music offline. So, what we can do is that we can convert videos on the internet. For example, your favourite music can be downloaded and then can convert into a format that is accepted by the car stereo.

So, without wasting another moment, let us dive into the world of Best Video Converters for Android and let us learn about some of these apps. We will be discussing the pros and cons of each one, together with some extra tips. Let us get in it.



Best Video Converters for Android

Yep, it is literally named “Video Converter”! This single app offers the following features with respect to video files – 

  • Convert
  • Merge
  • Cut & Trim
  • Create 

And even more features. They support the majority of all mobile devices and their corresponding video format. Some people out there might ask, is this all that you get? Certainly Not. It can also compress, create, and reverse videos. All these tasks performed on a mobile device are quite absurd. Usually, these tasks typically require a computer application that is much harder to use.

All these factors make this app one of the best video conversion apps for Android out there on the Play Store.

Video Converter
Video Converter
Developer: VidSoftLab
Price: Free

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Best Video Converters for Android

This one-of-a-kind video converter has the best Graphic User Interface, even when considering it is a freeware. It does the following tasks:

  • Conversion of video formats and types.
  • It can merge & join videos.
  • It can also cut & trim.
  • It comes with high-end features like audio extraction, slow-motion effects, and many more.

One might ask, what is the difference between The Video Converter and this? The difference is minute but brings this app to the next level altogether. It has advanced features, like adjusting the video’s frame rate, the codec, and many more. These features are rare. They usually come in premium video editors and converters, making it one of the best in this article.

Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3
Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3

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Best Video Converter Apps for Android

A video converter with the same name? This thought might be some techie’s first impression about this app when they scroll by. But what they did not know is that this app is significantly different, and another developer is responsible for creating this app. 

But what does this video editor have as a speciality? Is it just a copy? No, this app is not a copy, and it does have its fair share of things. Some of these specialities include the fact that this app supports lower RAM devices or an older Android version. It is lightweight and does not stress out the mobile phone that you are using. 

This feature is advantageous, as regular video converters are slow on older devices or devices with low RAM, making for a process that lags time. This app can efficiently run on an older version, making it suitable for students or children in particular.

Video Converter
Video Converter
Developer: kkapps
Price: Free

Best Video Converter Apps for Android

The Inverse.AI Video converter might be the best one from the get-go. This Video Converter provides the majority of all the usual converter tools, like:

  • Conversion of video files into other formats.
  • It can convert both audios, as well as videos to other formats.
  • It also can be used for audio editing, which is a good thing as nowadays, people focus on portability rather than performance, and this app combines the best of both worlds.

Will this app spy on me and my loved ones? No, it will not spy. The developer’s name might be consisting of AI, but this app is a freeware that can be used by all, and there is no infringement on your privacy. 

Video Converter, Compressor
Video Converter, Compressor
Developer: Inverse.AI
Price: Free

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best video converter for android 2020

Last but not least comes the aKingi Video Converter. This video editor might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is still a versatile video converter. This app is an essential video conversion tool. It converts a vast array of video formats. 

If it is not at par with the other apps discussed in this article, why is it added to this list? The answer is quite simple, usability. Some users out there on the internet might not be a tech guru, and they might want to hear their favourite music, so this is the perfect app for them. 

This app is straightforward to navigate through and allows for essential functions. It is the best place for a person to pick up the basics for video editing or conversion. Even though it maybe not the best, it aims for a purpose; and that purpose is to convert videos and, at the same time, provide insight on how video editing and conversion usually work. 

Video Converter
Video Converter
Developer: aKingi org
Price: Free

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Nowadays, people tend to buy for services over the net. But they fail to realize that apps like these can serve the same service but for nothing in return. These apps are free, and some of them are freemium. They allow us to save at least a single penny and provide us with premium services.

Anyways, these were the Best Video Converters for Android so, what are you waiting for? Try one of these apps today; You will not regret it.