6 Best SEO Tools of 2019 : Top Choices of SEO Agencies Worldwide!

Search engine optimisation agencies need various tools for different monitoring and analytical purposes. Fortunately, several tools satisfy different needs. But what if you would like the essentials? Well, this is a list of 6 Best tools as advocated by top SEO agencies. These are the resources they cannot do without.


When talking organic investigation, Google is the major search engine, and thus, it’s only proper that its analytical tool is top of an SEO tool listing. This is a free tool but offers comprehensive analytical reports regarding SEO and primary performance of a site. It is possible to provide a client with monthly reports which are created automatically. Many agencies state if there is one tool that they can’t do without, this can be.


Mobile devices are everywhere, and also a lot of focus has been put on obtaining a site optimised for mobile. This instrument will allow an agency evaluation on how well the site works on mobile devices. It’s possible to get immediate advice telling you when the website is cellular favourable or not.

It is worth mentioning that your website’s loading time depends a lot on the hosting that you’re using. So if you’re confused about which one to go for, you can check this article by Hosting Foundry on the Best Web Hostings UK.


This tool provides you with a diagnosis of the health of an internet website. It can offer reports on fundamental issues as well as complex ones. When it comes to checking hyperlinks, this is a top tool for that. Screaming Frog will crawl and locate broken links, duplicate URLs, server errors and more.

Some of the complex issues it may assist with include: international SEO implementation difficulties, pagination problems and problems with a site structure. It can also help identify missing page titles, meta keyword issues, and images which may be too significant. Also, there’s another critical SEO tool, which is one of our personal favourite, Semrush! So you want to learn how to use it and get started with one of the best SEO tools, head over to SEMRush Tutorials

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One of the most common reasons people will render a site is its page speed. So several agencies are focusing on making sure they help their customers have websites with faster speeds. With WebPage Test, it is a whole lot simpler to attain that. You can identify what is slowing down the internet page, quantify how fast it’s, also, to check on opponents’ site speed also so that you are better or at least on a level with the contest. Using this tool, you can check out a combination of features that result in the final efficiency of a webpage. Talking about speed, the hosting that you are using for your website can really change the overall game of site speed for you. You can check out the Best Web Hostings by MangoMatter Australia.


Another issue you want to keep tabs is content duplication. You don’t want a lot of pages with duplicate content. Use this application to find duplicate content on some of these pages on the website, and you can get rid of the duplicate. Copy content is considered a black hat technique by Google and sites that have it’ll be penalised. This tool may also be used to monitor your links internally and externally. You may also use it to spy on the contest to find out how quickly their pages take to load.

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This tool has undergone an upgrade to make it even more useful. Agencies can use this application for reporting. It’s an excellent reporting feature which may help you supply a customer as much information they require about the SEO campaign. You may also compile reports for weeks and be sure that nothing is lost so when you have to reveal the customer any information, you can find it easily in 1 spot.

Agencies may also use this information to appraise their performance and figure out precisely what they need to improve or place more effort into. Google Search Console is a tool you can’t do without.