5 BEST Gallery Apps for Android – Best alternatives for Stock Gallery


In today’s world, the most common thing teenagers do is taking a hell lot of selfies and post them on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Now, your smartphone might not be as good as a DSLR but it is undoubtedly the best tool to save all your photos & videos. Every phone comes with a Gallery application & there are times when you don’t like the stock Gallery app & want to use another app to browse through all your photos & videos.

If you head over to the Google Play Store & just search for a “Gallery App”, you will see so many results that it becomes absolutely impossible for you to find the best Gallery App. Most of the apps are straight-up garbage so if you don’t want to waste your time trying each app yourselves, then here in this article, we have a list of Best Gallery Apps for Android that are a perfect replacement for the stock Gallery app that comes in your phone.

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BEST Gallery Apps for Android
Simple Gallery

Yup, that’s literally the name of this gallery app & it is perhaps the best Gallery App for Android that you should definitely give a shot. With over 10 Million downloads on the Play Store & an average rating of 4.6, this app sits on the top of the list without any question.

Despite its name, it is a highly customizable Gallery app offering you a ton of features such as –

  • Advanced Photo Editor
  • Support for various File Types
  • Recovering Deleted Media
  • Protect & Hide Photos or Videos using PIN, Password or even Fingerprint 
  • Slideshow Maker

There is also a PRO version of this app that is worth trying because that’s what over 500,000 users that bought it say. The Pro version has many new features such as-

  • Advanced photo editor
  • Rotating fullscreen images with gestures
  • HEIC/HEIF support
  • Batch Renaming Files 
  • And more….

It is worth mentioning that the Free Version of this App is no longer upated but still, you can keep using the free version since it has everything you would like to see in a Free Gallery App.

Simple Gallery
Simple Gallery
Developer: Simple Mobile Tool
Price: Free

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 Best Android Gallery App
A+ Gallery

The A+ Gallery App is one of the most rated Gallery Apps on the Play Store with aroun 350,000 ratings. The average rating of 4.5 & total downloads of over 10 Million clearly show how much popular this Gallery App is among the users. It offers various features such as you can view your photos by Years, Collections or Moments. There is also a Map View so it shows photos scattered on the Map which shows at what location a particlar photo was taken.

To find the photos easily, there is a way to search photos by color. For example, if you want to see all the photos with sky in it, you can simply search photos with Blue Color.

Users can sync the photos to their Facebook Albums & Amazon Cloud drive & there is also a built in video player.

Finally, design-wise, this Gallery app has a clean interface & the developers say that they wanted to have an iPhone-style design.

A+ Gallery - Photos & Videos
A+ Gallery - Photos & Videos


 Best Android Gallery Apps
Google Photos

We don’t think Google Photos need any special introduction here because it is an app that comes pre-installed in almost every Android device. It is a Media organizer app by Google with over 1 Billion installs on the Play Store & almost 30 Million ratings. If you don’t manually turn off the backup, Google Photos automatically backs up all your photos & videos so later, you can easily get them whenever required.

It also offers you a way to Manage your phone’s storage so if it is running low, it suggests you to remove the photos & videos that are already backup up but are taking up the storage.

There are a various ways in which it organizes your photos. For Example – By Face, By Place, By Day, By Month, By Year etc. There is a built-in photo editor as well. The photos are even categorized like Screenshots, Selfies, Videos, Motion Photos, etc.

In short, you just cannot go wrong with the Google Photos app if you are looking for a great Photo Organizer app for your phone.

Google Photos
Google Photos
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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 Best Gallery App for Android
Gallery Go

The Google Photos app is almost 60 Megabytes in size so it is a quite large gallery app. If you are low on space & want a fast & small-sized gallery app, then the Gallery Go app by Google is for you. Google developed it for the entry-level Android devices running the slimmed down version of Android & it is a very simple gallery app with no advanced features as in the Google Photos app.

There is Auto Organization of the Photos, a great Searching system for Media, Built-in Photo Editor, Dark Mode etc.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


Best Gallery App for Android

1Gallery is a beautifully designed Gallery app for Android that offers a clean & minimalistic UI. You can choose from Light or Dark Theme & one of the best features of this app is that all the Media that you Hide & Encrypted using the AES Standard & you can use PIN, Password or Fingerprint to access the hidden media.

There is a built-in Photo Editor as well as a Video Editor, Support to play videos with subtitles, & more.

In short, this is a very simple Gallery App with minimum fuss.

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Well, these are the 5 Best Gallery Apps for Android according to us & as always, your preference may vary. So, if you think that there is a particular gallery app that is worth giving a shot, then make sure to let us know via the comments section below. We will definitely add it to the list if we think it is that good.