Here are the Best Apps that Help Writing Researches

Nowadays, students have to use technological devices to complete their assignments, projects and prepare for exams. It is essential for students to get the help they need when writing essays. There are tons of apps developed to help students have an easier time when writing essays. 

These applications help in keeping the students’ work organised. Successful students have reported using the latest apps when working on their assignments and projects. And it pays off. 

While technology has revolutionised education, not all apps out there are the best for you. So, what is the best application to create a research paper? We’ve sampled the best apps that will help you write your research paper without stress or worries. 


Dragon dictation is a wonderful app that will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It is a voice recognition app that listens when you are speaking and converts your words into digital text automatically. 

Users have reported that this app saves time up to five times compared to writing manually. If you’ve been wondering if you can get a degree without typing for hours, you have the answer now. The more you use this app, the better you’ll get.


This is an online writing help app and editor that highlights the pitfalls most students fall into when writing such spelling and grammatical errors. It also shows vague or overused words on a research paper. 

You can upload documents using this app and access the quality of your writing anytime you want. Improving your writing strength will definitely have a positive impact on your productivity and performance. ProWritingAid can be used together with other web browsers and apps such as Chrome, Google Docs, OpenOffice and MS Word.


According to research paper service, brainstorming is a crucial aspect of any writing. Using this app allows you to create diagrams based on your thoughts using different formats. The use of mind mapping tools will enable you to visualise your workflow and organise your ideas to make them simpler.

This app mainly helps with organisation. Disorganised students rarely excel in their studies. Therefore, it is essential to have this app to avoid filling your room or desk with notes.


This is a word processing app that is just as good as Microsoft Word. If you cannot download or use Microsoft Word, LibreOffice is a great substitute. The tool has several amazing features, such as sophisticated layouts and different file formats. 

This app allows you to create anything you want. You can even write a book. If you want to write your essays and other projects using a word processor, this is definitely the app to go for.


Majority of students are usually distracted when working on their essays, capstone project ideas and assignments. Social media platforms, phone calls, email notifications and texting, are some of the most common distractions of our time. 

We know that distraction negatively affects the quality of writing. FocusWriter helps you achieve your goals by eliminating distractions. Its clean processor allows you to write without clutter or any other form of disorganisation on the computer screen. This tool also helps with editing.


If you’ve been using Canva, you know how amazing this app is. Canva allows you to choose the right words for your essay. You can also write blog posts, essays or even a book. Canva allows you to promote your work on social media. 

Canva is popular for creating attractive images. If you’ll need to include pictures on your essay or project, this is the app to use. Canva is a great substitute if you are not a Photoshop expert.


The rapid advancement of technology has made it easier for students to study, prepare for exams and perform better. It’s important for students to use the best apps when writing their essays for improved performance. 

The tools discussed above are some of the best in the market right now. Effective students have reported using the above apps every time they are working on assignments. Doing some research and reading feedback left behind by other users will help you make the right decision. Download and start using these apps today. You have nothing to lose but exams to pass. Happy reading and learning!


Jeremy Reynolds is a professional writer and editor for the Daily Mail. He loves contributing his inspiring views and insights about technology on his blog regularly. During his free time, you’ll find him playing golf or taking his dog for a walk.