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The power of video content as a marketing tool is huge. The statistics show that 86% of businesses use it for promoting their brand or service, as well as for selling things. People are more likely to buy a product after they watch its video review. You can find out more about the reasons for such a tendency here.

However, creating a video demands not only quality hardware, like a camera and a microphone, but it also requires video editing software and bringing your footage to the professional level. Many small business owners create their video content using their smartphone cameras. It is a good idea to get a mobile application for editing it on their mobile device to be able to do it on the go.


Looking for the best apps for creating quality video content, you should make a list of certain requirements the application should meet. Some features are essential to make your video look stunning, while the others are nothing more than another item on the list. So what features should you look for when choosing video software?

  • The ability to import a video from your camera is a must. Some apps may also offer the in-app shooting feature, which is also great.
  • The preview feature is another thing the app should have for you to be able to watch the changes while editing.
  • It should give you the possibility to add music and sound effects to the video from either the in-built music library or external sources.
  • The app should give you the possibility to save a video either on your device camera roll or cloud storage.
  • You should be able to add text to the video.
  • The ability to adapt the aspect ratio of the edited video to the standards set by social media, like YouTube or Instagram.

Apart from these, it would be great to convert video in-app to any format you need. Anyway, this is not a decisive factor as you can always convert video online. If you’d like to use a downloadable video converter, check out some of the best video converters for Android here.



Magisto is one of the best apps for creating video content. It works on iOS and Android-based devices. You can also utilize it online. The main benefit of this application is that it creates videos using artificial intelligence. This means that the app does almost all the job instead of you. With three simple steps, you can turn any video clip or photo into a real, meaningful story. Just choose the type of story you’d like to tell, select photos and clips you’d like to use in the video, and choose the music from the built-in library. All the rest will be done by the app automatically.


  1. Intuitive interface, which makes the app perfect for beginners;
  2. Countless templates for any story you’d like to tell;
  3. The possibility to optimize videos for social media;
  4. HD downloads support;
  5. Up to 5TB cloud storage.


  1. The maximum length of the video is 10 minutes;
  2. Requires upgrading to Professional or Business plan to get access to all the features.

‎Magisto - Video Bearbeiten
‎Magisto - Video Bearbeiten
  • QUIK BY GoPro

The app for creating a video called Quik seems to be made especially for those who edit their videos on the go. This application works with the videos shot on the GoPro cameras, yet it is also compatible with the media files created on other devices. This tool eases the process of video editing due to the feature allowing it to comb through the footage to find the best moments you can use in your video. The video can be edited automatically or manually, so even beginners will easily find their way through Quik.


  1. Up to 75 images and video clips can be managed within one project;
  2. Time-lapse creation feature;
  3. Over 100 songs are accessible in an in-built free music library;
  4. Auto sync of the video to audio;
  5. Automatic import of images from the GoPro camera;
  6. Wide selection of emoji and fonts.


  1. Cloud storage access is available only after upgrading the app to GoPro Plus;
  2. Editing tools are a bit too simple.

‎GoPro Quik: Videos bearbeiten
‎GoPro Quik: Videos bearbeiten
  • InSHOT

InShot is one of the most popular apps for creating videos for social media like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It is fairly simple and so is great to use for beginners. The app works on devices run by iOS and Android. It allows trimming and cutting clips, adding music and transition effects. With this application, you can blur or change the background as well as add all sorts of emojis and filters. Apart from video editing, InShot can also be used for photo editing.


  1. Video merging feature;
  2. The possibility to fit the video in any aspect ratio;
  3. The video rotating and flipping feature;
  4. Free movie maker;
  5. The possibility to extract music from videos;
  6. Audio fade in and out feature;
  7. Built-in music library.


  1. The app is not available for desktops;
  2. The watermark is present on videos created using a free version of the app;
  3. Access to filters and stickers is available only after upgrading the app to the paid version.

‎InShot- Video-Editor & Foto
‎InShot- Video-Editor & Foto

KineMaster is a powerful video editing application for iOS, Android, and ChromeOS. It has countless editing features that can make your video look professional, yet this all is packed in a user-friendly interface that makes it possible to use the app even with little experience in video editing. The app allows cutting, cropping, and splicing video clips as well as combining them with photos, text, special effects, and many more. Also, KineMaster features a keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers. Anyway, these are just small parts of what this app can offer.


  1. Over 2500 downloadable effects, fronts, stickers, animations, transitions, and so on.;
  2. The possibility to add voice-overs, sound effects, and music;
  3. Import and export of project files;
  4. Videos can be saved in 4K 2160p at 30FPS;
  5. You can share a video from the app to Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc.


  1. Using a free version of the app, your video will be watermarked;
  2. In-app ads;
  3. A limited number of features are available in a free version of the app.

‎KineMaster - Video Editor
‎KineMaster - Video Editor
  • iMOVIE

If you own one of the Apple products, you should consider using the iMovie video editor. It is an app, which is pre-installed on almost all devices run by iOS or macOS. It has a simple user interface, easy to use even by those with zero experience in video editing.


  1. 4K video resolution;
  2. The possibility to add titles, music, voice-overs, etc.;
  3. 13 creative video filters;
  4. 80 smart soundtracks in an app library;
  5. Split-screen effect.


  1. Compatible with Apple products only;
  2. The number of editing features is limited compared to other apps.

Developer: Apple
Price: Free


All apps for creating videos are different. All of them have their pros and cons, but you’ll definitely find something good in each of them. Good luck with the choice!

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