8 Best Anonymous Chat Apps to Send Messages Anonymously

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The growing technology has helped this era to become more modernized and digital. There are abundant of chat apps where you can easily explore and make new friends. These have provided an excellent platform for shy and introvert peoples. These apps are free to use for both the devices, i.e., Android and iOS. It allows you to connect and establish any relationship with people all around the world. 

As you very well know that everything has its benefits and drawbacks, so you need to be mentally prepared for any such issues. For instance, these chat apps are an excellent source to find new people and explore new things. You can even exchange images, videos, or have video or audio calls through them and connect with the like-minded people whom you prefer compatible enough.

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But at the same time, you will encounter some strange people whom you might find weird and creepy, so try to handle such situations calmly. 

So, without wasting enough time, let’s has a glimpse of the Best Anonymous Chat Apps and the features they provide.



Best anonymous chat apps

Talking about these anonymous chat apps, Chatous is the new rising star in it. The best part about this app is that you can easily select the topic on which you want to have a chat and get to chat only with those people who are interested in that topic.

So, this feature helps you to find like-minded people easily. It also provides features to share audios, videos, and images.

Developer: Castle Global
Price: Free+

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Best anonymous chat apps

This app is for android users only to have a secret chat with people. The main requirement in this is that you need to connect it with your Facebook and can enjoy your secret talks. The best property about this chatting app is that it has the feature of blocking anyone whom you feel strange and no longer want to be connected.

Psst! Anonymous
Psst! Anonymous
Developer: Psst! Anonymous
Price: Free


best app to chat with strangers

This app is for our iOS users who are bored with the monotonous Facebook and want to meet and chat with new people. It is available in two versions. One is the free version, while the other is the purchased versions with more features in it. This app has a profile option where you can put any picture and details you want, which will be visible to your friends and strangers.

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best anonymous video chat app

If you are looking for multi-feature secret chat apps, then this app is the right choice to go for. In this, you can not only chat with strangers, but at the same time, it gives you different features for confessions and gossips as well. It can be used by both android and iOS users. It is one of the best apps for chatting, flirting, and meeting anyone. It is free, and it’s easy to use feature makes it more demanding.

Connected2.me Chat Anonymously
Connected2.me Chat Anonymously
Developer: C2M
Price: Free+

‎Connected2.me – Meet & Chat
‎Connected2.me – Meet & Chat
Developer: C2M
Price: Free+

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best anonymous chat apps

One of the best and comfortable chat apps where you can find new people. It probably has all the features which you might be looking for. There are several different chat rooms where you can join and chat with strangers. You can even set the age limit and filter accordingly. At the same time, you can use the feature to share images, stickers, videos, and even find your dating partner.

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best anonymous chat App for iOS

It is the best chat app for video chatting. It was developed by Rubyspark Labs Ltd. and available for both android and iOS users. After you register on this app on this app, you will have to create your chat room and share the link with the specific persons you want to talk to. The best quality of this chat app is that is consuming less battery, which everyone wants. 

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best anonymous chat App for Android

This is one of the best anonymous chat apps & helps the users talk with each other without any login or sign up criteria, and at the same time, you may not share your details while chatting to anyone.  It is one of the most demanding anonymous chat where you can connect with anyone worldwide and have chatting, talking, or meeting with them. So, no need to get bored when you have the MeetMe app to known people around the whole world.

MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People
MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People

‎MeetMe -
‎MeetMe -
Developer: MeetMe, Inc.
Price: Free+

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anonymous chat Apps

As the name says, you can chat anonymously with anyone you like. It was developed by AntiChat, Inc for both Android and iOS users. It has many features like fantastic chat rooms, online dating features, and many more. It does not require any registration or identity details before you start the chat. By using fake GPS apps, one can change their real location as well. It lets you have a conversation and set a meeting with the person you want.

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Are these apps safe to use?

No one can take the 100% guarantee about these anonymous chat apps, so the best option, which is always recommended here, is to stay secretive and do not share any of your details while chatting or in your profile.

Are the profiles on these apps anonymous?

Yes, these work on the anonymous features, but your location can be tracked via IP address, so it’s better not to connect these apps with your phone by which the only thing which would be followed will be your username.

Is it safe to join chat rooms?

Yes, you can join any chat rooms which you want. Just remember that the more personal information you provide, the more damage can be caused to you.

Do we need to do the registration on these apps?

Every app has its requirements. Some apps do not require any registrations.

These best anonymous chat apps listed above are worth your time to have a look at them. Anonymous chat apps will provide you with various features where you will get to know many strangers. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that you should never randomly share personal information with anyone. 

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