Asus Zenfone Mini will bring premium specs in a compact form factor

It looks like compact phones are returining

It seems like Apple’s iPhone 12 Mini has sparked a new wave of phones with the compact form factor. We first heard of Sony bringing back the Xperia Compact lineup and now, a report by DigiTimes suggests that Asus will launch a phone named Zenfone Mini this year. The Asus Zenfone Mini, as the name shows, will feature premium specs in a compact form factor. Now we don’t know what are the specifications or when is it launching but the least we are expecting to see is a display of size around 5.5-6 inch.

It is good to see that small phones are back but it looks like not a lot of people want to buy these. As we know, the iPhone 12 Mini is a superb phone for those who want a compact form factor but high-end specs. But still, Apple was not able to make as many iPhone 12 Mini sales as expected as people preferred buying the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro over the Mini.

Apart from this, DigiTimes reported that the next gaming phone from Asus, dubbed the ROG Phone 5, is launching by the end of March or at the beginning of April. We have already seen the hands-on images and videos of the ROG Phone 5 so if you haven’t then do check our dedicated article on the device here.