Yes, Android Oreo is the name of Android 8.0 (Android O), Sweet?

Today was the official announcement of Android O, and yes, the name of the Android 8.0 was announced today. There have been a lot of speculations related to the name of Android O as some said it is going to be ‘Oreo’ while others said it would be Oatmeal Cookie or Orellete (Octopus was in the list too!). But, at the launch event of Android O, Google officially announced that it would be called Android Oreo. Isn’t that sweet?

Android Oreo Official


Thanks to Evan Blass, we were already aware that Oreo is going to be the name of next Android version. Just a day back, he posted an image showing the superhero-themed image of the Android Oreo and today, Google revealed the official statue of Android O, just like it does with every new Android version.

Lastly, with this new launch, Google also announced that as per the Android Open Source Project by Google, the Android O or Android 8.0 Oreo would be available today. As always, Pixel and Nexus devices will get the update first.

What do you think about this sweet name? Do let us know via the comments section. And in case you missed the live stream, watch it here.


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