Hiroshi Lockheimer Hints Android 8.0 Could be Named ‘Oreo’

Every Year, Google announces a new version of Android, and one of the most exciting things is the name of the latest version. Last year, Google surprised everyone by calling the Android 7.0 as ‘Nougat’ when everyone supposed it to be ‘Nutella.’  As the Google I/O 2017 is approaching, the excitement of next Android version is increasing, but the name is still a mystery. The most popular choice for the name of next Android version is Android ‘Oreo, previous’ and it fits perfectly among the former names that were based on sweets ( Except Alpha & Beta). Today, it seems we have got an official hint about the name of Android 8.0 and surprisingly, it is none other than the head of Android, Chrome OS and Chromecast who has given this hint. We are talking about Hiroshi Lockheimer.

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Today, he posted a GIF on twitter that shows an Oreo Cake and this could be the hint about the name of Android 8.0 as Android Oreo. But, there is a catch! Last year also, Hiroshi hinted that Nutella will be the name of Android 7.0 but it didn’t turn out to be true. Sources claimed that due to some trademark issues, ‘Nutella’ wasn’t used as the name. But, this time, there are maximum chances that the Android 8.0 will be named as Android ‘Oreo’. Let’s see what Google has prepared for us. Will ‘Oreo’ be the name of next Android version or Google is yet again ready to give us a surprise? Do let us know via the comments section what name you would like to have for Android 8.0.