Alleged Dimensity 2000 AnTuTu score suggests a new record!

A screenshot shows the chipset scoring above 1,000,000 on AnTuTu

In case you missed it, we have already talked about the leaked specifications of MediaTek’s upcoming flagship SOC named the Dimensity 2000. The leaked specs suggested that it is going to be a strong competitor to Qualcomm’s next flagship SOC. Well, today, we got a screenshot showing the AnTuTu benchmark result of an upcoming flagship chip from MediaTek with the model number MT6983. This screenshot suggests that this SOC has created a new record on the AnTuTu benchmark.

Alleged Dimensity 2000 AnTuTu score
Alleged Dimensity 2000 AnTuTu score

Shared by Digital Chat Station on Weibo, the screenshot shows the chip scoring well above a million on the AnTuTu benchmark. This is a ridiculously high score, and this is the reason we can also notice those warnings in the screenshot. One of the warnings clearly mentions that this score is way above the highest score that we have seen so far, so there are also chances of cheating in the benchmark, something Chinese brands are known for. Speaking of the Chinese brands, this screenshot shows the benchmark score of an upcoming Vivo flagship.

Now, Digital Chat Station did not particularly mention that this is the Dimensity 2000 SOC, but going by the model number, the Dimensity 1200 has the model number MT6893, so a chip with the model number MT6983 should definitely be the next flagship from the brand.

Well, since the Qualcomm Snapdragon SM8450 (expected to be named Snapdragon 898) has similar specs as the Dimesity 2000, we should not be surprised if that SOC also scores similar on the AnTuTu benchmark.