Xiaomi unveils 80W Mi Wireless Charging technology

2020 has been a really amazing year when it comes to fast charging in smartphones. In July, Oppo unveiled the 125W Flash Charge technology, making it the fastest wired charging tech for smartphones. At the same event, the company also unveiled the 65W AirVOOC Wireless Charging, again, the fastest that we have seen so far.

Just like Oppo, Xiaomi is also continuously working on improving the charging speeds as the company has already launched the Mi 10 Ultra with 120W Fast Wired Charging & 50W Fast Wireless Charging. Well today, Xiaomi unveiled the fastest Wireless Charging technology for smartphones, the 80W Mi Wireless Charging. This means in one year, Xiaomi has launched three Fast Charging solutions – 40W, 50W & 80W.

80W Mi Wireless Charging
80W Mi Wireless Charging

Xiaomi says that with this charging tech, you can charge a 4,000mAh battery fully in just 19 minutes. And keep in mind that’s when the battery is charged Wirelessly! In just one minute, the battery will be charged up to 10% & it takes just 8 minutes for 50% charge.

Well, we can expect Xiaomi to launch a phone in the first quarter of 2021 featuring this technology. It could be the Xiaomi Mi 11, but nothing can be said at the moment.