5 Useful Resources to Help You Learn Android

Android remains the most popular and widespread operating system in the world. In 2021 alone, more than 80 percent of smartphones sold ran Android. In general, Android has many features, so you want to know how to get the most out of its capabilities.

We are here to help you learn how to enjoy Android to its full potential. We have carefully reviewed all available resources and come up with the top 5 that will help you get off to a successful start on your learning journey. Check them out and start learning today!


Udemy has earned a name for itself as one of the best learning resources where you can take lots of courses at reasonable rates. In addition, the website offers numerous free courses. Udemy offers a free Android application development course with a great overview of Java. You will learn how to debug an Android application, use implicit and explicit intents, utilize fragments, develop custom list views, and much more.

The course teaches customers how to use SQLite and use share preferences. The Android App Development Course includes multiple lectures grouped under nine topics, so there is a lot of learning material for you to cover.

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Envato Tuts+

This is another great website with lots of features and tutorials. Most of them are created to teach design techniques. It also includes a list of free Android creation courses based on texts and images. One of the most convenient features is a set of How-To Tutorials that offer customers lots of tips on accelerating their learning process. You need to find the one that is compatible with your skill level.

The website also includes a range of courses and guides to choose from. Customer reviews are generally very positive, and the website has increased the number of its loyal users.

Stack Overflow

This is a community-driven platform where you can find useful information about using Android. There are times when formal courses and tutorials are of little help. You don’t have much time to go through them in detail to find an answer to your specific question.

That’s when Stack Overflow comes in handy. You can reach out to the community by posting your question. You will get lots of useful tips and recommendations based on the practical experience of users.

Great Learning

This is a free Android application development course. Customer reviews show it has proven to be a helpful guide for reinforcing your knowledge and capacity in Android app creation. The course represents a synergy of theoretical content and practical experience. The merger of the two serves as perfect symbiosis for beginners and experts.

When you complete this free, one and half hour course, you can take a quiz to obtain a completion certificate. If you want to upgrade your skills further, you can always opt for a paid version to learn more about android app development using more advanced content.

Android Developer website

This is an official Android development platform. It includes all-encompassing tutorials and thorough guides, as well as lots of reference materials for you to enjoy a comprehensive learning experience.

Android development is one of the best choices for learning about technology in general and Android in particular. Mobile technologies and platforms offer various ways of learning about application development. Customers love Android developers because of their professional features and capabilities.

The platform is extremely flexible to use. This is an open-source platform so that you can track the source codes of all components or classes. There are no restrictions to using API. You can also develop apps using C/C++ and NDK. Overall, a well-tested resource with great customer reviews.

Bottom Line

Android is one of the most popular operating systems. It has many features, so the time, energy, and resources you invest in learning about it will be worthwhile. Choose any of the five recommended resources, commit yourself to learning regularly, and enjoy the results. Android has many useful features, and you can do a lot if you master its capabilities.

Josh Garner is a professional writer, ICT specialist, and technology guru. He knows everything there is to know about mobile operating systems. Josh shares regular updates about every new upgrade of both Android and iOS systems. College students particularly appreciate his crisp findings, observations, and tips.