DroidHolic Team

DroidHolic is all about Android, and we all are avid Android lovers. We know that you are here to know about the team working at DroidHolic.


Arvind is the Founder and Senior Editor. He is an Android fanatic and loves phones with Stock Android. He is also an avid Football fan and a big supporter of Real Madrid CF. DroidHolic was started by him in December 2016 and is continuously growing under his guidance.

Email – ranaarvind156@gmail.com




Sambhav is a Coder, Technology and Entrepreneurship Enthusiast, Traveler and Anime Fanatic. A guy who loves writing about tech. He is currently working as a Writer on DroidHolic.

Email – sambhavjain2612@gmail.com





Arnav is a 14-year-old content creator and writer. He loves tech, especially Android and has played around with it for years. He also loveS filmmaking and making YouTube videos. He currently works as a Writer on DroidHolic.

Email – arnavnagpal@gmail.com




Yes, you can join DroidHolic as we are looking for like-minded Android Lovers who can contribute by Writing on DroidHolic. If you want to join, just visit the ‘Join Us‘ Page and fill the details. We will contact you asap.

Stay DroidHolic 🙂