[POLL] Smartphone Case vs Skin – Which one do you prefer?

With smartphone manufacturers making their phones slippery as hell by using glass and metal combination, it is very much necessary to use a case or a skin for the grip as well as for the protection since drops from few heights can easily crack the glass. If you own phones like the Note 8, LG V30, iPhone 8, 8 Plus etc, you might be using any case or skin. Still, there are some users who don’t prefer any skin or case as these things hide the true design of a phone. So, which one do you prefer – A case or a Skin? Do let us know by voting below.

Written by Arvind Rana

Arvind, I am! A complete Android fanatic, and a technology buff, aiming to unfold my outlooks and perspectives, through the medium of conceiving articles on gadgets and technology, à la mode!

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