Is that Moto Z2 or Z2 Force?

Moto Z2/Z2 Force Accidentally Revealed via the Official Motorola Poster

Motorola has already started sending invites for the event on June 27st, where the Moto Z2, Z2 Force, and the Moto X4 are expected to be announced officially. While we are already aware of the specifications as well as the design of the Z2, Z2F, and Moto X4, today, it seems the company itself has spilled the beans as the upcoming Z2 or the Z2 Force has been shown in the event poster that says ‘Motorola is Back.’

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Is that Moto Z2 or Z2 Force?

First of all, it officially confirms that from now, ‘Lenovo Moto’ won’t be used as Motorola’s name will be employed for the Moto devices. Second, you can see the model holding a Motorola device in hands, and if you zoom and look closely, the phone has dual cameras on the back and a protruding camera module. This is exactly what we have seen in the leaked press renders of the Moto Z2 and Z2 Force. So, one thing that is now confirmed via the image above is that on 27th June, Motorola will announce rest of the Z-series phones for this year. The chances are that the Moto X4 will also be announced at the same event as we all are eagerly waiting for that device.

Let’s see what Motorola has for us on 27th June’s Event. Stay Tuned.

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