Here are the Top 3 Best KLWP Presets/Themes – November 2017

For those of you who may not know, KLWP (Kustom Live Wallpapers) is an intuitive app which lets you embed a whole UI inside a live wallpaper. Through KLWP, you can add text, widgets, animations and many other elements to your home screen which you simply cannot do with a widget or a launcher. In the Pro version of KLWP, one can also import presets from other developers and modify them. Here are the top 3 Best KLWP Presets/Best KLWP themes for the month of September 2017.

1) A2K Presets (084)

Best KLWP Presets or Best KLWP Themes


A2K presets is a KLWP pack which has a humongous collection of 100+ customized presets which look appealing and prevent hindering productivity at the same time. The 084 preset gives your phone setup a minimalistic and organic look. The top bar has a preset group of apps. Tapping the menu bar below gives expands to give you a music player, weather widget and an event tab. The overall animations are smooth, and the preset doesn’t take up much space. The overall preset pack is also good. A2K costs ₹100 as of now, but it is worth spending money on it as it is one of the best KLWP Presets/ Best KLWP Themes out there.

Download it here

2) ElementalHome

ElementalHome is a relatively smaller preset pack, coming with a mere amount of 4 presets. It revolves around a blue or green theme. It has a unique way to open apps, through pictures. Tapping the picture on the top right corner takes you to your favorite messaging or social media app. The one below takes you to the Gallery. Below that, is the picture which opens the camera app. On the bottom, we have a textual representation of apps, with the phone, e-mail, web, and text apps. The vague looking icon to the right of these opens the app drawer. Swiping left, a music visualizer greets you with sophisticated controls. Overall, this pack offers a lot of productivity while adding uniqueness to your setup. It is available on the Play Store for ₹65

Download it here


3) Flow for KLWP (asix)

Best KLWP Presets or Best KLWP Themes


Flow for KLWP is a preset pack which aims at the harmonious inter-existence of icons and live wallpapers. The setups range from a single page setup to three-page ones. The widgets expand as you tap on them and have a fluid animation which complements the Material Design system. The asix preset (above) has a beautiful interface with a lot of features hidden. The wallpapers go well with the theme. It has over 20 presets and is available on the Play Store for ₹75

Download it here

I hope you guys enjoyed the best KLWP presets. We will be adding a new list of best KLWP Themes every month so make sure you keep checking. Anyways, Link screenshots to your KLWP setup down in the comments section below.

Written by Arnav Nagpal

Arnav is a 14-year-old content creator and writer. He loves tech, especially Android and has played around with it for years. He also loves filmmaking and making YouTube videos. He currently works as a Writer on DroidHolic.

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