Best Discord Bots – Some of the Coolest to Enhance your Experience

Best Discord Bots 2017

Best Discord Bots – Some of the Coolest to Enhance your Experience

As we know, Discord is a really popular voice and text chat application made especially for gamers. Nobody else but a gamer, knows how crucial it is, to communicate with other team members to have a successful game strategy. Some games allow the users to communicate with their team via an inbuilt application in the app, whereas, some games don’t allow this facility for gamers. This is where Discord comes to the rescue.

Players can use Discord to chat with other team members, by using voice or by typing. The best part is, It is free. It is multi-platform enabled, and one can stay connected via their desktop and even on their mobile devices.

If you already know about Discord, then you probably are aware of the functionalities that Discord offers to its users. This is where the flexibility of discord comes in; players can customize their Discord servers by using bots as Discord has enabled bot support. In case If you’re wondering how to, we’ve curated a list of best discord bots in this post.

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Overwatch Bot Best Discord Bots

This bot is specially designed for the players who play overwatch. This bot lets you do many things related to overwatch. It has specific functionalities which allow you to watch your overwatch statistics without you leaving your server. This bot enables the user to view top heroes and presents the stats in a proper image format.



AwesomeBot Best Discord Bots

The name itself is self-explanatory. This bot is awesome. It does almost anything. It comes with an inbuilt moderation and is equipped with advanced statistic system. It has many commands and is configurable. Users of the Awesomebot can send images, GIFS, and youtube videos to each other and javascript can further extend it.



Discoid Bot Best Discord Bots

Discoid continues to be one of the most popularly used chat bots for Discord servers. It enhances the user experience by offering various cool features. A discoid user can mute other team members, get notified about your stats and others stats. It also comes with special commands for sharing jokes and memes among friends. One can control the media playback on Youtube and SoundCloud. Simply, queue all the songs and the Discoid Bot shall take care of the rest.


4) DYNO:

Dyno Best Discord Bots

Dyno is a bot, known for its extreme customizability. First up, the user gets a fully customizable dashboard, which he can change as he wishes. One can also create announcements on the server, and provide special alerts when someone new joins the server or gets kicked off the server. Dyno too offers mute feature and allows setting up of timed mutes and player bans.

Dyno is clever, so your inbox is going to be spam free, thanks to its inbuilt spam filter which keeps all the spam and the junk away from you. As far as media streaming is concerned, the Dyno bot supports streaming from Youtube but not SoundCloud.


You’re Reading about the Best Discord Bots 🙂 


DiscordDungeons Best Discord Bots

Have you ever been bored by the game you’re presently playing? Or a team member is left behind, and you’ve been waiting for him since ages? Then Discord Dungeons is for you! How about a game inside a game chat client? It sounds fun!

Well, that’s what Discord Dungeons is. The game is fully developed, and one can fight enemies and unlock various achievements in the game. You can also play as a team in this. It is a whole lot fun! Add this Bot to your Discord server today and never be bored again. The game is playable on all platforms where Discord works. This means that the game is also playable on mobile devices too.



Septapus Bot Best Discord Bots

Septapus is another interesting Bot for Discord. It allows the users to chat, just like any other bot, but it has got a twist to it. How long can a team just be chatting and sharing details? This is where Septapus spices up the things. It entertains the players with comics and charts which will add a bit of fun to your server.

Also, for Youtube gamers, It allows viewing stats and notifications, making your job much easier.



hexacircle Bot Best Discord Bots

Another useful, yet funny bot to liven up your server. Hexacircle is an all in one bot for Discord. It has Twitch and Giphy integration, which allows sharing of GIFS among your team members. Any team member is not playing the way you like?

Hexacircle allows you to ban the team member permanently or temporarily by using the Softban option. For the gamers, who are concerned with AFK, It also comes with an AFK system. It comes with playback music features with customizable volume.

It can be customized so that, anyone who joins or leaves the group, the message is displayed on the server to other team mates.


There are so many other bots which aren’t mentioned in this list. These were some of the best discord bots which we found it worth mentioning. This is the beauty of Discord, as unlike other chat clients, Discord is free and allows full customization by enabling the use of bots. Liked this list or Have any suggestions? Do let us know via the comments section. Have a Good Day. 


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  1. If you’re a gamer, Guilded Bot is a must, too. I’ve been using it to recruit members for my guild and push them our raid schedule to the discord server. I use it in conjunction with Dyno all the time. Highly recommended.

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